Childers Air Plumbing & Electric Installs Gas Fireplaces, Stoves, and Ventless Stoves

Now that we have set into the depths of winter, have you considered the benefits of gas stoves and fireplaces for heating? Many homeowners may rely solely on their furnace or heat pump, but do not always think much about how the constant running can affect energy bills. Adding a gas stove or gas fireplace can help to limit the constant use of your larger equipment and can heat smaller spaces when you need it most.

Do you love the look of a gas fireplace or stove, but never thought it could work in your home? Think again! Childers Air Plumbing & Electric offers a variety of heating systems, including ventless, that will fit any home or commercial space.

This month, we will be diving into the benefits and options when it comes to gas stoves and fireplaces. Allow our technicians to help you find the right fit to keep your family cozy as we plunge into the colder months.

Choosing a Gas Fireplace for Your Home

Fireplaces have always been a classic option for homes and offices. Listening to a crackling fire while watching TV or spending time with family and friends is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Not to mention the added pleasure of warmth after spending time outside. But how can you justify purchasing a gas fireplace when you already have a trusted heating system in place?

Gas fireplaces are more than just for show. Instead of running your furnace at the highest setting to keep that comfortable heat coming, turning on a fireplace can help to cut down that run time. HGTV reminds us of the benefits of zone heating, and how fireplaces can make this a reality. Using fireplaces to heat small rooms will help to limit the power your furnace will need to give off, cutting down on those pesky energy costs this time of year. Keep in mind, however, that a fireplace will not be the best sole heating system. They will help to take out the chill in the air but should work alongside additional equipment.

Benefits of Gas Stoves

If a fireplace is not exactly what you’re looking for, a gas stove may be a better option. A gas stove is a freestanding appliance that can look like an actual wood-burning stove but runs solely on gas. They come in a variety of styles to match any home, including French Country, art deco, granite, gold or silver accents, and more.

Like fireplaces, gas stoves are great for zone heating. Placing a gas stove in a den, basement, family room, or other space will help to heat that particular area, allowing you to turn down the thermostat and save on heating costs.

Another added benefit to gas stoves is that they are incredibly low maintenance. While it may look like natural wood is burning in the stove, that’s not the case. There is no need to constantly fill the stove or clean out old wood. Your preferred technician can come and provide regular cleaning and preparation before use each winter.

Finally, the gas stove models we supply are very easy to use. Upon installation, the Childers Air Plumbing & Electric technician on the job will show you how to properly use the gas stove. Many models have one lever for airflow and are simple to work with. Childers Air Plumbing & Electric carries a variety of gas stove options, including those from Empire.

How to Decide Between a Standard Gas Stove or Ventless Model

Now that you may have an idea of a fireplace or gas stove, it’s time to consider ventless options. Ventless gas stoves are wall-mounted and are convenient for smaller spaces as they do not take up much room, unlike standing gas stoves. Ventless options are also perfect for homes that do not have the proper ventilation for a fireplace insert or standing gas stove, making them a more budget-friendly option.

You may be thinking, “where does the gas go if there are no vents?” Great question. The ventless stoves move the spent gasses back into the room. The oxygen then goes back into the bottom of the fireplace or stove, repeating the cycle. The Spruce offers a great user-friendly guide to how these ventless options work in comparison to regular gas fireplaces or stoves. If you have chosen to install a ventless model, be sure to ask your technician about proper use, maintenance, and any other burning questions you may have.

Are Ventless Fireplaces and Stoves Safe?

After reading about ventless fireplace or stove options, you may wonder if they are safe to use in your home. When compared to regular models, ventless options have less combustion, which allows them to vent inside. You know what is best for your home, and the technicians at Childers Air Plumbing & Electric will help you to decide which will work the best in your space from an HVAC standpoint. When used correctly, you may find that a ventless option is perfect for your needs and safe for use.

Keep in mind that ventless options are not accessible in certain states.

Trust Childers Air Plumbing & Electric for Quality Heating Equipment in the Beckley Area

Childers Air Plumbing & Electric in Beckley, WV, offers quality heating equipment for homes and businesses in West Virginia and Virginia. Helping families stay warm in the winter is what we do best, and we look forward to installing a new gas stove or fireplace in your home. We offer both vented and ventless options. For more information, give us a call today. We also provide routine maintenance to keep all heating equipment running for longer.

For more information on gas stoves and fireplaces, call Childers Air Plumbing & Electric in Beckley, WV, at 304-407-6880, or follow us on Facebook and check out our site.

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