Why Do I Need a Humidifier for My Home in Beckley, WV?

Without proper humidity levels in your home, you may face damage to your household items and have poor effects on your health. Dry air in the home can cause wood furniture or paintings to crack, affect flooring, and can even harbor bacteria and viruses. If you are looking for ways to improve the air quality in your home and restore moisture to the air, talk to the friendly staff at Childers Air Plumbing & Electric in Beckley, WV. We have a wide range of indoor air quality products, including Honeywell humidifiers, to keep your space comfortable.

Benefits of Humidifiers

People of all ages can benefit from a humidifier. By restoring moisture into the air, you may notice fewer bloody noses, your skin may not feel as dry, and those with allergies may notice some relief. Other benefits may include:

  • Make the space feel warmer
  • Decrease static
  • Reduce snoring
  • Reduce airborne viruses
  • Decrease in sinus headaches and other issues

Young children may also benefit from a humidifier, as it can break down mucus and keep their skin hydrated. Sleeping with a humidifier in the room is one way to reap the many health benefits they provide.

Different Types of Humidifiers

Different types of humidifiers provide different results. The four main types include:

  • Warm mist. These are quiet humidifiers that are perfect for providing comfortable air, especially if you are facing a cold or allergies.
  • Cool mist. Cool mist humidifiers can trap impurities and promote cleaner air. They require a filter and regular cleaning to keep them working their best.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers. These humidifiers are low-maintenance and send moisture out through a fan. Ultrasonic systems work well to keep your whole home comfort.
  • Whole house systems. As the name suggests, whole house systems cover large areas to help add moisture to the air. Of course, these are not portable and should be placed where they can reach the proper areas.

If you’re unsure of which kind will best suit your home or business, talk to the technicians at Childers Air Plumbing & Electric. We can listen to your concerns and check out your current system to see what fits best.

Dry Air Can Affect Your Home and Your Health

According to Medical News Today, dry air can remove moisture from the skin and cause respiratory symptoms to increase. You may notice, especially in the colder months, that you experience dry skin or lips, a bloody or dry nose, or a dry cough. This may not be a common cold, but the effect of air without moisture. Talk to the knowledgeable staff at Childers Air Plumbing & Electric to see how we can restore moisture to the air. Using your heating system without a humidifier can suck out moisture as well, causing furnishings to crack and produce poor effects on your health.

Too much humidity can also cause problems. According to the EPA, humidity levels should be less than 60 percent. Anything higher can cause mold and pests. If you think your home or business needs dehumidification, talk to the staff at Childers Air Plumbing & Electric. We can work with you to find the best indoor air quality products for you.

Importance of Keeping Humidifiers Clean

Like all indoor air quality products, it is important to keep your humidifier clean. Reusing filters or water can send bacteria into the air, which reverses any benefits that the humidifier may give. If you have a portable humidifier, be sure to dump out the water and clean out the tank before refilling it. Also, be sure to replace or clean the filters every so often. Dirty filters do not help your case either, and they are an easy way to spread bacteria.

Childers Air Plumbing & Electric offers Honeywell humidifiers and other indoor air quality products to residents of Beckley, WV, and the surrounding areas. If you are unsure of how to properly care for your humidifier or believe it is not working, give us a call! We will be happy to help you.

For more information on humidification for your home, call Childers Air Plumbing & Electric at 304-407-6880. For any future updates, follow us on Facebook and check out our site.

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