As any Boy or Girl Scout would say, preparedness is the most important part of disaster prevention. While a power outage isn’t always the start of a “disaster” worthy of the next Hollywood blockbuster, nobody enjoys them, either. During a power outage, your AC fails, your freezer starts to thaw, you can’t get hot water, and you can’t access the Internet… and that’s just the beginning of the list!

What if you could avoid this problem altogether? We have good news: you can! Put power outages in the past and have Childers Air Plumbing & Electric install a new Generac generator in Beckley, WV, for your home. The peace of mind alone is worth it, but there are many other benefits, too!

Want to find out why you should consider getting your new standby or portable Generac generator in Beckley, WV? Keep reading to learn more about our generator services.

Could You Benefit from a Generac Home Generator in Beckley, WV?

There are many benefits to Generac’s whole-house generator installation in Beckley, WV. You might not even know about some of the amazing advantages your new generator can provide! Here’s why you should consider a standby or portable generator:

Whenever you leave your home for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks, you might be used to worrying about what’s happening with your electrical system and appliances. Fear no more when you have a Generac generator in Beckley, WV! You’ll no longer get anxious thinking about your home losing power while you’re away.

It can be annoying when the power goes out for just a few minutes. But when time ticks on and the power still hasn’t been restored, many people start to panic, realizing the food in the fridge (or anything else refrigerated or frozen in the home) will become unsafe to eat in a matter of hours. Power outages also threaten the safety of non-grounded appliances, which can be “fried” in an instant. You can use your generator to avoid these all-too-common problems, and you’ll save a bundle of money!

When your power goes out, you don’t just lose the conveniences of electric lights, Wi-Fi, and refrigeration. You also lose your access to air conditioning and heat! With a Generac generator in Beckley, WV, you can keep your HVAC units running throughout every power outage, so you and your family will experience comfort around the clock.

Do you love to camp, fish, road trip, or enjoy nature in other ways? With a portable generator, you’ll experience the outdoors like never before. You’ll be able to charge your devices and cook food with ease. Are you headed to a concert or picnic? Bring your portable generator along, and the whole family will stay happy and entertained.