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Childers Enterprises Creates Better Indoor Air Quality in Beckley, WV

One thing many home and business owners do not think about is the condition of their air quality. Do you notice that you regularly have a stuffy nose when inside, or are your allergies or asthma triggered both indoors and out? If so, you may need to work on creating better indoor air quality.

Home and business owners in Beckley, WV, and the surrounding areas of WV and VA can benefit from air quality equipment like air purifiers, UV lamps, and humidification equipment to stay comfortable and breathe easier when inside. Call Childers Enterprises at (304) 255-2107 for a free estimate or to learn more about our effective products.

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Air Purifiers to Freshen Air Daily in Your Home or Business

Air purifiers are one great way to promote cleaner, healthier air in your home or business. Indoor air can have more bacteria and dirt than outside, and it is important to keep in mind especially if you suffer from respiratory issues. Large amounts of dust, dander, bacteria, and other particles can affect those with asthma, allergies, and other lung problems, and have an overall effect on your health when inside. Instead of struggling with the unknowns of your indoor air quality, talk to the friendly staff at Childers Enterprises. We can visit your home or business and help you to choose the right indoor air equipment for you.

Know the Difference of Humidifiers or Dehumidifiers for Your Space

Humidity is an issue that many face outdoors as well as in. Both low and high levels of humidity can affect your health, furnishings, and home in general. If your home or business is constantly feeling warm, “sticky,” or you notice sweating on cold items or appliances, a dehumidifier may help. This equipment removes moisture from the air, providing you with cool, crisp air. Dehumidifiers can be small and placed out of site as to not distract from the aesthetics of your space.

While dehumidifiers can leave your home or business comfortable in the humid months, there is always the chance of having indoor air that is too dry. Childers also carries humidifiers from top-rated brands like Carrier to restore moisture back into your home. Dry air can dry out skin, cause a cough or dry nose, and can have a negative effect on wooden furniture, walls, and flooring. When it comes time to add indoor air quality equipment to your home, Childers is who to call.

Childers Enterprises Installs UV Lamps in Beckley, WV

Ductwork in your home or business can be subject to mold and bacteria growth due to high levels of moisture or lack of cleaning. By placing UV lamps inside the system ducts, you can decrease the amount of mold, bacteria, and other particles that may arise inside. Contact Childers Enterprises in Beckley, WV, for an estimate. We proudly serve Raleigh County, WV; Fayette County, WV; Tazewell County, VA; and the surrounding areas throughout WV and VA.