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AC Repairs in Beckley, WV

If your air conditioner’s not working, you’re likely desperate for a solution, especially in our hot summer weather. And your air conditioner not working hurts your wallet, too — your air conditioner not cooling efficiently can mean you spend a fortune on energy bills.


This spring and summer, don’t sweat it — call Childers Enterprises for reliable and professional AC repairs in Beckley, WV! Whether your AC’s not blowing cool air or your AC’s not turning on at all, we’ll be there before you know it to repair air conditioning in your home. We also provide commercial services for property managers and business owners, too!


Whether you need to repair AC for a tiny room or you need full central air conditioning repair for a whole building, Childers Enterprises is prepared to help. We’ve been performing window unit and central AC repairs in Beckley, WV, for over seven decades — that’s 70+ years of expertise in the world of HVAC!

We provide unit and central air conditioning repair all across WV, throughout:

  • Wyoming County
  • Summers County
  • Raleigh County
  • Pocahontas County
  • Nicholas County
  • Monroe County
  • Mercer County
  • McDowell County
  • Greenbriar County
  • Fayette County


Common AC Repairs Performed By Our AC Repair Contractors

As your local provider of top-quality AC repairs in Beckley, WV, our team performs all kinds of AC repair services, from window unit repair to central air repair. Here are some of the most common reasons our customers and clients call us for AC repairs in Beckley, WV:

Your AC not turning on can be one of the most irritating problems that take place with your air conditioning since you start feeling like you’ll never experience the cool relief of AC ever again! When we perform air conditioning repair for units that won’t turn on, we often find an electrical short, clogged filter, or faulty blower motor, among other possible problems. Whatever the reason, get in touch with our technicians ASAP if your AC’s not turning on this spring or summer.

Has this ever happened to you: your AC unit is huffing, puffing, and spluttering up a storm, but you notice your air conditioner not cooling your house enough to stop you from breaking a sweat? AC not cooling usually happens when something in the unit is malfunctioning or broken, affecting the functionality of the fans, blower motor, or another important component.

Is your AC not blowing cold air? Sometimes, your unit will seem to work, but up close, you feel warm air blowing from the ducts or vents. If this is the case, we will need to inspect your system to ensure the refrigerant hoses and cooling components are working correctly.

AC filter cleaning is an essential service for keeping your AC unit working properly. We will remove, clean, and possibly replace your filter during routine maintenance or during emergency service calls whenever care for your filter is needed.

Signs You Need Air Conditioner Repair Services

Even if you are not an expert on your cooling system, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the signs you might be in need of window unit or central air conditioner repair services.

A few tell-tale cues to schedule AC unit repair include:

  • No cool air coming through
  • Loud noises from the system
  • Odd smells coming from the ducts (this can be normal when you first turn the system on in the spring, but if the smell persists over many days or weeks, it can indicate you need central air repair)
  • Leaks (water or other liquids) coming from vents, hoses, or anywhere else on the unit

If your air conditioning system shows these signs, do not wait — contact Childers Enterprises right away. Our experienced AC repair contractors will be out to your home in no time to inspect the system and determine the right course of action. In some cases, we will be able to repair air conditioning systems; however, we will also be transparent and communicate with you if system replacement may be more cost-effective than additional AC unit repairs.

Besides AC repairs in Beckley, WV, we provide a variety of heating repairs and service these systems and more:


Repair AC at Your Home or Property Today!

Childers Enterprises will be there for any AC repairs in Beckley, WV, as well as central WV (Nicholas County, Fayette County, and Pocahontas County), southern WV (Mercer County, McDowell County, Wyoming County, and Raleigh County), and southeastern WV (Monroe County, Greenbriar County, and Summers County). We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to combat any and all air conditioning problems. Don’t suffer the heat any longer; get in touch with our team ASAP!

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