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Hot Water Heater Services in Beckley, WV

Childers Enterprises offers Rinnai tankless and conventional high-efficiency hot water heater sales, installation and service to help maintain your standard of living in Beckley, WV. When hot water heaters fail, the failure tends to be sudden and catastrophic. However, there are several warning signs and tips to watch out for that may signal that your water heater is about to fail:

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Hot Water Heater Repairs

Hot water heater repair seems like a maintenance task that can be put off — until you’ve realized the problem is bigger than you think. When hot water heaters fail, the failure tends to be sudden and catastrophic. Here are some warning signs your water heater is about to fail:

  • Brownish/rusty water appears from hot water spigots
  • Presence of water around the water heater/water heater leaking visibly
  • Noisy water heater (makes banging or rumbling sounds as it heats up)
  • Your water heater is more than ten years old (call your manufacturer for details)

If you experience any of these signs of impending water heater failure, call Childers Enterprises ASAP. Our team has years of experience providing hot water heater services in Beckley, WV, and they can quickly pinpoint current or potential issues and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Hot Water Heater Installation and Replacement

When your water heater is no longer cost-effective to repair, it is inevitably time for new hot water heater installation. Replacement of your existing hot water heater or installation of a new unit in a different place is essential for you to continue getting hot water at your home or commercial property. Whatever model or unit you choose, our hot water heater technicians are here to help you throughout the entire process.

Making the Right Choice: Hot Water Heater Replacement Guide

When it’s time for a replacement, consider picking a new hot water heater that helps your budget and the planet at the same time. We carry both conventional tank water heaters and high-efficiency tankless water heaters, and all of the water heaters that we sell meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s new standards for hot water heater efficiency levels. Heating water typically accounts for approximately 20% of the average home’s energy usage budget, and the greatest efficiency gains are common with models that have capacities of 55 gallons or more (typically found in commercial buildings as they are larger than the average household requires).

Toss the Tank: Tankless Hot Water Heater Services in Beckley, WV

Is a tankless hot water heater right for you? Tankless water heaters are a great way to save energy and fuel costs over the years, as they are available in both electric and gas-fueled models. These water heaters are small and compact, and there is no need to worry about leaks or sediment settling in them. Newer models are compact, easy to use, and even have the option of wireless control through apps so you can always monitor your usage, control startup and shutoff even miles away from the unit, and more. If you want to turn your household totally modern and eco-friendly, also consider having our technicians install a Mitsubishi ductless HVAC system. You’ll save hundreds or even thousands on energy bills and may be able to take advantage of hefty government rebates!

Selection Size Guide

Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial water heater, it’s important to find the right size water heater tank for your needs. General guidelines for minimum water heater sizes are as follows:

One to two people: 30 gallons

Two to three people: 40 gallons

Three to four people: 50 gallons

Five or more people: 80 gallons

We Do It All: Our Other Services

In addition to offering hot water heater services in Beckley, WV, we also do these and more HVAC jobs and perform both residential and commercial services:

Water Heater Leaking? Noisy Water Heater? Contact Childers!

If your water heater has failed or is facing imminent failure — or you would like to take advantage of the money-saving benefits of a new, high-efficiency model — turn to our team today! We’re right near you in southeastern WV (Greenbriar County, Monroe County, and Summers County), central WV (Pocahontas County, Nicholas County, and Fayette County), and southern WV (McDowell County, Mercer County, Wyoming County, and Raleigh County).

For more information about our hot water heater services in and around Beckley, WV, get in touch with us today! We hope to hear from you soon and restore the comfort and convenience of hot water to your home or business.

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