Finance Your Heating/Cooling Equipment with a Loan from Wells Fargo

The TCS Prime Standard Year-Round Loan Financing Promotion

Childers Enterprises offers financing support for our qualified customers. We can assist you when one of your home’s major functional elements, such as the main heating or cooling unit, breaks down. We are able to assist our customers with obtaining year-round loans for the purchase and installation of the very highest quality in HVAC equipment through our partnership with Trane® and Wells Fargo. Childers Enterprises’ partnership with Trane and Wells Fargo allows us to extend the TCS Prime Standard Year-Round Loan Financing Promotion to income-eligible customers with acceptable credit histories.

You may apply for credit through Trane or Wells Fargo at their website. You can also make your regular payment or set up EFT for your monthly payments at Wells Fargo’s site. Check back for more customer incentives programs throughout the year. When we save, you save! Childers Enterprises is committed to offering you the opportunity to invest in the highest quality equipment that will provide exceptional value and climate comfort for generations.

Water Heater Information for Childers Enterprises’ Clients

All of the water heaters that we sell meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s new standards for hot water heater efficiency levels. Heating water typically accounts for approximately 20 percent of the average home’s energy usage budget. The greatest efficiency gains are likely to be realized by models with capacities of 55 gallons or more. However, your needs may not require such capacity.

Contact Childers Enterprises for More Information on Financing

Please contact Childers Enterprises by phone at (304) 255-2107 to discuss our available financing options or to schedule a sales consultation, repair, or maintenance service. Appointment scheduling is also available by filling out our convenient appointment request form.