Are You Thinking About Adding a Heat Pump to Your Home?

When it comes to heat pumps, many homeowners may not know much about them. Heat pumps can provide both warm and cool air but are unlike other HVAC equipment. When deciding whether or not a heat pump will work in your home, there are some things to consider. How large is your home? Do you have additional HVAC equipment, like a furnace or boiler? Do you have existing or updated ductwork?

After answering these questions, it may be easier to determine if a heat pump will work for your home. This month we’re returning to the different types of heat pumps and models. Two that we’ll focus on are standard and ductless.

Childers Air Plumbing & Electric works with standard heat pumps and ductless mini-split systems. Are you ready to make a change to your HVAC system? Start with a heat pump.

Make Your HVAC System More Efficient with a Heat Pump

One of the biggest advantages of heat pumps is their efficiency. As reminds us, heat pumps use electricity to move warm air indoors, or cool air outdoors. This means savings and efficiency year-round. also mentions that using heat pumps can cut down electricity use by 50 percent compared to furnaces or baseboard heating. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs when heating or cooling your home, a heat pump is a great choice.

Ductless Heat Pump Options for Your Home

If you’re not looking to install a heat pump or do not have ductwork, consider a ductless heat pump. Ductless heat pumps, also called mini-split heat pumps, do not require ductwork. They anchor to the wall and have an outdoor component to cycle the air to and from the home. Like standard heat pumps, ductless heat pumps can work year-round to provide comfort.

Ductless heat pumps are great for older homes without ductwork, or for those looking to heat or cool a small place. If you are looking to heat or cool multiple floors, we recommend installing multiple wall units.

Another way to utilize a ductless heat pump is to condense your HVAC system. Homeowners that are heating or cooling unused rooms are wasting energy. Using a ductless system can help you to shut those spaces off from the heating system. When you need to heat or cool the space, the heat pump can turn on at the push of a button.

When a Heat Pump Will Not Work

There are some instances where a heat pump will not work for your home. The most important is that they do not work in below-freezing temperatures. To use a heat pump, it’s essential to have a backup heat source like a furnace or a boiler.

You may wonder, “why get one then? I thought I could use it year-round.” Remember, you still can! A heat pump will take the brunt of chilly fall and early winter days off of your furnace. Think of the savings you’ll have regarding fuel and additional electric bills for your furnace, boiler, or another source.

Types of Maintenance for Heat Pumps

Like all HVAC equipment, heat pumps need regular maintenance to keep them running for longer. Some maintenance can include:

  • Examining and cleaning blowers
  • Check for leaks
  • Lubricate motors
  • Tighten belts
  • Check thermostat
  • Inspect filters and coils

Childers Air Plumbing & Electric in Beckley, WV, offers heat pump maintenance for ductless and standard units. If we notice any issues, we can fix them before they disturb the system.

Know the Signs that It’s Time for Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps can last up to 15 years when properly maintained. Remember that if you’re using it year-round for heating and cooling, there will be a lot of wear and tear. However, there is always the chance of needing repairs. Childers Air Plumbing & Electric can handle heat pump repairs, including:

  • Frozen condenser
  • Leaks
  • Not producing cool/warm air
  • Not turning on or off
  • Frequent cycling
  • Blower or thermostat malfunctions

Have you noticed any of these issues with your standard or ductless heat pump? Childers Air Plumbing & Electric is here to help. We can analyze and repair the problem in no time.

Keep in mind that these units are very intricate, no matter how many DIY projects you’ve accomplished. It’s best to trust heat pump repairs to a trained HVAC technician. Botched DIY jobs can also void your warranty.

Call Childers Air Plumbing & Electric for Heat Pump Installation and Service

Are you interested in installing a heat pump in your Mid-Ohio Valley home? Childers Air Plumbing & Electric is here to help. Our technicians have years of experience in heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair. We can also install and service ductless heat pumps for your home or business. Trust Childers Air Plumbing & Electric for prompt, professional service. While heat pumps are not the only heat source, we are available for 24/7 repairs when HVAC emergencies strike. Talk to our heating technicians today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Are you in need of HVAC maintenance, installation, or repair in the Mid-Ohio Valley? Call Childers Air Plumbing & Electric in Beckley, WV, at 304-407-6880, or follow us on Facebook. Check out our site for more information on the installation, maintenance, and repair of heat pumps.

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