Humidity is One of the Toughest Things to Deal with at Home or Work

Combating humidity can make your home or business very uncomfortable during the summer months. It can also take a toll on your building. The cold winter season, however, can also be a problem, if not handled properly. Do not allow your home or business to go through all of that. It can lead to the growth of mold, which can cause serious illnesses. Here are some things to keep in mind when determining if there is too much humidity in your home or business.

Too Much (or Too Little) Humidity is a Health Hazard for Everyone

Your body will not be able to regulate its normal temperature in a room that is too humid. Compare that to rooms with less humidity. It can also create breathing difficulties for those with asthma and other allergies. If there is too little humidity, it could make your skin feel cold. You could also end up with a sore throat and chapped lips, among other issues. If you are having trouble sleeping, it may also be because of the humidity. Too much or too little humidity can impact your sleep, according to a study from the National Sleep Foundation.

What Humidity Level Should I Aim for?

The proper humidity level you should aim for is between 30 and 50 percent. That allows for the greatest comfort and helps with your commercial and residential maintenance. Different weather impacts your home and you in different ways. Dry air can mess up your home’s flooring, especially wood. Having too much humidity can be harmful to your possessions. It can warp furniture and bring in bugs. That could mean more costly repairs for you in the long run.

How Can I Control My Home’s Humidity Level?

There are several ways that you can control your home’s humidity level. These include using your air conditioner and your exhaust and ventilation fans. You should watch the water temperature every time you take a shower. Keep up to date on your home’s pipes to make sure they are not leaking. Also, make sure that you keep your gutters clean from debris. Check out these other tips that can help you control the humidity in your home:

  • Dry Your Laundry Outside If You Do Not Have a Dryer
  • Get a Dehumidifier
  • Move House Plants
  • Use Charcoal
  • Open Your Windows

Some of these solutions may surprise you. Charcoal is not only for cooking up your steaks on a warm day. It can absorb humidity and keep the moisture out of the air you breathe. Just place one in a basket or trash can. You have to remember that they must be changed every two to three months.

Humidity Issues Will Vary from Climate to Climate

Someone who lives in the Northeast deals with different weather than someone on the West Coast. The same goes for people in the Southeast and elsewhere. You must adapt your home to the weather around you. Failing to do so can bring about the problems that we discussed earlier.

How Can I Tell if I Have Too Much or Too Little Humidity?

The easiest way to determine how high the humidity is in your home is to buy a Hygrometer. That measures your indoor humidity. Make sure that you place it in a room you want to test and follow the directions. Keep in mind that it will depend on the room you are in. If you only find issues in your bathroom with humidity, the issue is not your home’s humidity. This is most likely due to issues with your bathroom’s exhaust fan. Here are some of the signs of humidity issues in your home or business that could impact your health:

  • Bubbling or Peeling Wallpaper or Paint
  • Doors and Windows Sticking
  • Floorboard Issues
  • Musty Odors from Mold and Mildew
  • Rotten Wood
  • Water Stains on Your Ceiling
  • You Can See Mold or Mildew

Childers Enterprises Knows How to Handle Your Humidity Issues

Childers Enterprises knows that every home and business has humidity different issues. That means everyone’s situation comes with different solutions. You may be able to solve your issues by installing a new humidifier. Your humidity issues may only need a fix as simple as working on your exhaust fans. The key thing to remember is that every situation is different. One of the solutions that we offer is the Mitsubishi ductless HVAC system. This system can help keep your home and business comfortable and help you save on your energy bills. We are Beckley, WV’s best choice to help keep homes and businesses safe and comfortable.

For more information on combating humidity, give Childers Enterprises a call at (304) 255-2107. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. We are happy to discuss combating humidity.

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